Vision & Mission


“To Enlighten, Empower, Enrich and Explore for Inclusive Development of Human Resources”

Our vision is to nurture comprehensive growth by illuminating, empowering, enriching, and exploring diverse perspectives, promoting equitable access to resources and opportunities for all members of our college community. We strive to become a top-tier institution committed to academic excellence, innovation, and inclusivity, inspiring students to excel in their fields and make positive contributions to society.


  1. To enlighten with course curriculum and beyond keeping in focus on the motto of the college i.e., “Sa Vidya Ya Bimuktaye”.

  2. To empower with various skill development programs, skill based training and awareness programs.

  3. To Enrich with Seminars/Workshops on multidisciplinary aspects with an inclusive outlook.

  4. To Explore with research activities, project work, field studies, exposure visits etc.

  5. To take various measures for the holistic development of human resources for national development, irrespective of caste, creed, gender or place of birth,.

Our mission, guided by our motto "Sa Vidya Ya Bimuktaye," is to promote knowledge and personal growth. We empower students with skill development programs and diverse learning opportunities. Through research, projects, and extracurricular activities, we equip our students with the competencies demanded by the job market. We additionally advocate for inclusivity and holistic development among our students, enabling them to grasp the moral principles and values to become responsible citizens.