The Issue of Gender Sensitization

The institution tries to create awareness among the staff and students on gender based issues by organizing Seminars, Workshops, rallies, etc.
It sensitizes the staff and students with the help of Women’s Cell, Eco-Club. Anti-ragging Cell, Grievance Redressal Cell, Students’ Union, etc. These Cells and Units of the college play a comprehensive role so that the girls would be aware of their rightful position in the society.
The Equal Opportunity Centre, HEPSN Scheme and Career Counselling Cell organise programmes relating to the domestic violence, gender-discrimination, seminar on human rights etc.
The University curriculum for UG and PG Courses is inclusive to the extent that it provides modules and chapters on gender issues. These chapters are taught with care so that the students are sensitized on these i
In addition, the International Women’s Day Celebration sensitizes the students towards gender equality.