The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Central Government Project recognized by the UGC. Its aim is National Integration through exchange of thoughts and spread of education and awareness among the poverty-stricken masses. The motto of the programme is to serve the distressed. This programme includes all the College level and University level institutions. The NSS unit of BGC has gained force since April 2002, under the guidance of Kalyani University. It has undertaken a village adoption project and adopted two villages – ‘Mankara’ in Bhakuri II grampanchayat and ‘Balarampur Dakshin’ under Haridasmati grampanchayat. The unit arranges special camps in these villages every year. Students conduct awareness drives on health and hygiene and economic upliftment for the villagers. Special themes for special camps are decided every year by the Central Body and special camps have already been organised in support of important issues like water conservation and AIDS awareness.

There is provision for more than one unit in this college. Each units needs to have at least 100 students and one NSS Officer as guide. Students who take up NSS will have to continue for at least two years and complete 240 hours of work for the entire period and attend at least one special camp. A certificate is issued from the Kalyani University after completion of two years of successful participation. The NSS certificate is a prestigious certificate.