College Hostel

There are two hostel campuses. One is within the college campus i.e., New Hostel and other is 200 metre away from the college campus i.e., Old Hostel. Within the Old Hostel campus a new hostel building has been constructed with the help of Minority Department, Govt. of West Bengal. Total seat capacity is about 350. There is also a PG Hostel within the Old Hostel Campus having 30 seat capacity.

            Room BREAK-UP and Accommodation available in the Hostels:

Item Old Hostel MSDP Hostel PG Hostel New Hostel Total
Room 48 17 10 25 90
Kitchen 01 01 01 03 05
Dining Room 01 01 01 01 03
Toilets 32 12 03 24 98
Superintendent Quarters 01 01 01 01 03
Hostel Library 01 01 02
Seat Capacity 175 60 30 110 345

Recreational facilities, gymnasium, yoga centre, etc.:

  • Recreational Room with T.V.
  • Reading rooms with newspaper and magazines.
  • Facilities of outdoor and indoor games are also available.
  • Celebrations of all the major events and festivals.
  • Yogasana Centre is available.
  • Gymnasium Centre is also available.

Computer facility including access to internet in hostel:

  • The Hostel provides computer facility to the students.

Facilities for medical emergencies:

  • Primary Health Care facilities are available.
  • Napkin Vending Machine and Sanitary Napkin Incinerator is available in the hostels.
  • Murshidabad Medical College and Hospital is situated within 200 mts. of the college campus. In case of medical emergency, necessary measures are taken readily.

Library facility in the hostels:

  • Students have access to library facilities in the hostels.

Internet and Wi-Fi facility:

  • The Hostels have no internet or Wi-Fi enabled facilities yet.

Recreational facility-common room with audio-visual equipments:

  • Both the hostel campuses have common rooms which are well equipped. Television sets, Gymnasium, Yoga, Carom, etc. are available in the common room. In addition, outdoor game facility, like Badminton Court is also available in the hostel premise.