Department of English

“All  the  world  a  stage

And  all  the  men  and  women  merely   players:

They  have  their  exits  and  entrances:

And  one  man  in  his  time  plays  many  parts.” –  William Shakespeare.

The  history  of  Department of English  of  Berhampore  Girls’  College  is  bright  and  glorious. Berhampore  Girls’  College  has   kept  its  step  in  the  Academic  world  in  July,  1946  with 32  students  and  two  teachers  of  English  along  with  other  teachers.  The  College  was  affiliated  in  English  up  to  Honours  Standard  in  1958.  English,  a  world  language  and  an  international  language,  had  got  its  proper  meaning  in  the  hands  of  Founder  Principal  Oxford  Post  Graduate  Amiya  Rao  and  her  husband  B. G. Rao.  Their  honesty,  sincerity,  effort, endeavour  and  scholarly  insight  of  knowledge  had inspired Janab Rezaul Karim  to  enrich  and  decorate  the  Department  of  English.  The brilliant star  of  knowledge,  Prof.  Janab Rezaul  Karim, had  spread  the  fame  of  Department  of  English  far  and  wide.  The  distinguished  persons  of  the  University  of  Calcutta  had  appeared  on  the  Academic  stage  of  Berhampore  Girls’  College  to  offer  him  the  award  of  D.Litt.  Many  men  of  letters  dedicated  their  lives  in  order  to  help  the  Department  to  go  forward  in the  journey  of  academic  life.  At  present  84 students  can  get  the  chance  of  taking   Honours  in  English  on  the  basis  of  ‘Intake’  capacity  determined  by  the  University  of  Kalyani. The glory of the Department of English has been increased by the affiliation of University of Kalyani for Regular P.G classes from the Academic Session, 2018. The ‘Intake’ capacity of Post graduate programme in English is 50. At present the Department of English is running with Post graduate programme in second and fourth semesters.

Our Faculty

Keya Ghatak
Associate Professor
M.A, M.Phil., B.Ed.
Dr. Partha Sarathi Guha
Head & Assistant Professor
M.A, M.Phil., Ph D.
Partha Pratim Mandal
Assistant Professor
M.A, B.Ed.
Binoy Dangar
Assistant Professor
M.A, B.Ed.
Koyel Ganguly
Govt. Approved Part – Time Teacher
Kajal Kumar Saha
Govt. Approved Part – Time Teacher

Course Design

Title Teacher Total Download Date added Download
Course Design by Partha Sarathi Guha Dr. Partha Sarathi Guha 150 04-04-2020 Download
Course Design by Partha Pratim Mandal Sri Partha Pratim Mandal 103 04-04-2020 Download
Course Design by Koyel Ganguly Smt. Koyel Ganguly 100 04-04-2020 Download
Course Design by Binoy Dangar Sri Binoy Dangar 92 04-04-2020 Download

Study Material