“Ragging” means the doing of any act which causes, or is likely to cause, any physical, psychological or physiological harm or apprehension or shame or embarrassment to a student, and includes :
1. Teasing or abusing of, playing practical joke on, or causing hurt to, any student, or
2. Asking any student to do any act, or perform any thing, which he/she would not, in the ordinary course, be willing to do or perform.
Ragging within an educational institution is hereby prohibited. No person shall participate in, abet, or propagate ragging in the educational institution.

Anti Ragging Cell:
By Oder of honourable Supreme Court of India ragging is an offence and completely prohibited. If any complain regarding this issue is received by college authority, strict disciplinary action will take place. The college has founded an Anti Ragging Cell for this purpose.

What is Ragging or Punishable Offence

  1. Disturbs others by Mocking or ugly tricks
  2. Disturb other student by rude behaviour or Offensive language
  3. Physical or Mental Harassment to any individual or group of student
  4. Creating terror to a student by individual or in group
  5. Forcing any student to do some task which is illegal or against the constitution of the college
  6. Doing some task or tricks which lead to a student (specially fresher) to embarrassment or serious disturbance
  7. Foul imitating or mocking in front of other student

Content of Punishable Ragging

  1. Support any kind of torture or offensive work
  2. Conspiracy to rag any student
  3. Making fun or gathering during ragging
  4. Harmful activity during ragging
  5. Violating decency or line of ethics by ragging
  6. Hitting somebody or make them injured
  7. Illegal conviction or preventing somebody from their natural activity
  8. Biting or sexual harassment on students
  9. Snatching something from any student
  10. Unethical demand of someone’s property

If someone found guilty in Offensive Ragging, one or more of the following disciplinary action might taken place against him

  1. College admission could be cancelled of the guilty
  2. Academic prohibition which may lead to disqualification for university exam
  3. If he entitled for any scholarship or other facilities those will be revoked
  4. Suspension from class tests and other exam activity
  5. Privilege of representing college in any local , national or international event will be revoked
  6. Temporary/ permanent migration from hostel
  7. Suspension from college for one to four semester
  8. Suspension from college which may lead to prevention to take admission in other college
  9. Fine of Rs 25000/-
  10. If any organized ragging taken place and there exist some difficulty to identify the culprit, the entire group treat as accused and eligible for the punishment which may lead to identify the real guilty

If any student have any complain of ragging she must confess that to at least any one of the following members of anti-ragging committee

  1. Anti-Ragging Committee
  2. Honourable Principal Of the College
  3. Head of The Department of any stream
  4. Two representative will selected from guardian.( Name will be published later on college notice board)
  5. Student Representative
  6. Two student representative from fresher batch (Name will be published later on college notice board)
  7. Two student will be selected from each hostel (Name will be published later on college notice board)
  8. One student from each department (Name will be published later on college notice board)
  9. Present GS of the college and other member of student council.
  10. Non-teaching Stuff : Head Clark and Accountant