Institutional Distinctiveness

Details of the performance of the institution in one area distinctive to its vision, priority and thrust.

Berhampore Girls’ College was founded in 1946 as an institution of inestimable pride with its robust tradition and cultural values. Very soon, it has emerged as one of the premier institutions of West Bengal. This is the first government sponsored girls’ college in the state. The vision of the institute is, however, to impart value-based education to the girl-students of agrarian Bengal belonging to a district located in the middle of the state. The quality of education disseminated helps the students to get much-cherished freedom and thereby reclaim their self-esteem. The motto of the institute is “SA VIDYA YA BIMUKTAYE”. Upholding this motto and the dreams of the legendary founders, the institute has been still thriving utmost for the promotion of a positive academic environment for providing quality education to the students with the creation of an environment of positive discrimination which may be considered as an area of distinctiveness of the institute.

The major issues relating to the area of distinctiveness are mentioned below:

For the effective curriculum delivery, special attention is given to the regular attendance of the students in all classes. The faculty members pay considerable attention for the completion of the prescribed curriculum within the stipulated time span. All university examination results are duly analyzed and the best performers of different departments are awarded with college prizes and many memorial prizes and cash prizes and it is considered as one of the best practices of the college. It is worth noting that the students have a consistent good performance in the different university examinations.

Berhampore Girls’ College Praktani, the registered Alumni Association of the college has been playing the role of guidance and supervision to the present generation of the institute since its inception. Sometimes, the Association comes forward with financial support for the welfare of the college and sometimes it extends helping hands with financial assistance to the needy students of the institute. It celebrates Re-union on 26th January every alternative year, organizes seminars and publishes Annual Magazine regularly. The college has a record of distinguished alumni who have illustrious position in the society.

The college has an apolitical environment which has a consequential positive effect for making the academic environment more conducive. “The Berhampore Girls’ College Students’ Union” – the Students’ Council of the college is entirely a non-political body that acts to promote academic, co-curricular and extra- curricular activities. It is worthy to note that the college has created an exemplary record in this regard in West Bengal.

It deserves mention that the noble goal of quality education is always accompanied by many best practices in the institute. These practices are value-based and imbued with the cultural traditions of the institute. Apart from many usual practices, the college pays meaningful attention to encourage the students by appreciating their performances in all spheres with rewards. The college has also an endeavour since its inception to create an eco-friendly environment in the institute. A garden of diverse flora surrounded by many rare species is a traditional feature of the institute. All these taken as a whole have tended to promote a positive academic environment.